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Volkswagen Beetle Dune


The 2016 Beetle Dune’s engine provides both decent power and fuel economy (25mpg city/34mpg highway), and the six-speed transmission is nicely matched to the engine and offers smooth gear transitions. One downside is a slight but annoying lag from a dead stop when lightly applying pressure to the accelerator. Handling was spirited in testing, and the ride is somewhat firm but pleasant.

If you’re a fan of the Beetle, it’s also worth considering the Mini Cooper and the Fiat 500, which have their own unique visual appeal and fun-to-drive factor. But even after 70 years as the longest-running car model and more than 21 million units sold, the Beetle is still in class of its own as a hip automotive icon. The 2016 Beetle Dune’s special look and features add to its individuality, and will put a smile on a lot of faces—especially the person driving it.