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Tesla P100D vs P90D vs P85D Ludicrous


An exciting video comparison of our Tesla Model S P100D along with our P90D ludicrous vs P85D Ludicrous as well Racing them all down the quarter 1/4 mile dragstrip alongside each other at ZMAX and Atlanta dragway. P100D took on the P90D twice, second time both using launch control but the 90 spun bad, there was a spill two cars before, and since we lost the time-slip its not very official but the 100 did break our previous record by being 2 thousandths of a second faster. Also raced the P100D vs our P85D with optional ludicrous mode to show how far Tesla has come in just under 2 years. For instance it our P85D was stock with original insane mode the 100 would be almost a full second faster. In any car company you won’t see a newer edition model get faster by a full second EVER. Also showing some footage of Atlanta Dragway Street Car Takeover event where we roll raced our 100 and the 90, the turnout was quite unpredictable.


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