Home News “Terminator” Vs Range Rover – TerraMax!

“Terminator” Vs Range Rover – TerraMax!


“Terminator” Vs Range Rover – TerraMax!

Today, we check out quite the interesting battle from an episode of Top Gear when Captain Slow, himself, takes on quite the unlikely battle.

James May hops behind the wheel of a Range Rover at Nevada’s Automotive Test Center for quite a challenge when he takes on an autonomous military vehicle – the TerraMax.

Top Gear is calling the machine “the Terminator of all terrain vehicles,” so it will be interesting to see how an everyday SUV like a Range Rover holds up to the action.

Check out the result in the video below as James May is up to about the same, bringing us laughs the whole way through. What do you think of this unorthodox pairing?

Source: SpeedSociety


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