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Rimac Concept_S

TopSpeed One
Croatian firm Rimac Automobili has steadily developed its Concept One electric supercar over the past few years. And just as it prepared to unveil the Concept One in production trim, Rimac decided to get even more radical. At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, it unveiled a new variant of the Concept One called the Concept […]

This is the NEW Rimac C_Two! | EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK

TopSpeed One
The Rimac C-Two is going to blow your mind away! With 1,914PS and 2,300Nm, the 0-60mph time is just a ridiculous 1.85 seconds… Equipped with technology such as facial recognition cameras for access to the car, Driving Coaching training systems and 400 sensors in total within the car, the C_Two demonstrates that Mate Rimac means […]