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Nissan GT-R Police Car – Won’t Run Away From This One


The cop cars you see on the road may be fast, but they’re definitely not as quick as the Nissan GT-R. That being said, Nissan has gone ahead and created a GT-R police car to make sure nobody is running away from the boys in blue. Introducing “Police Pursuit #23.”

Okay, this car isn’t actually going to be a real cop car, but it sure looks like it. Nissan created the car as a project vehicle as a way to envision what a police cruiser could look like if it was taken to the extreme.

While we all know that underneath this car rests a monstrous twin-turbo 3.8-liter V8 engine (565 hp and 467 lb-ft of torque), it’s the modifications that steal the show. Per Nissan, these are the modifications made to its exterior: “carbon fiber/glass front wide-body fenders, carbon fiber rear fender flares. customized front bumper, a custom carbon fiber rear wing with custom wing mounts, carbon fiber side mirror housings, push bar and special window tint.” The 22-inch wheels installed on the car are also quite bizarre, meant to mimic the steel wheels on common police cars. Also, they have spikes.

Of course, a bunch of carbon fiber isn’t going to turn a GT-R into a cop car. To make that happen, Nissan installed a long list of modifications that include lights that are installed on just about every surface, graphics, loud speaker and, of course, a siren.

If you’d like to see this car for yourself, it will be around New York next week, but will not be on the 2017 New York International Auto Show floor.

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