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The NIO EP9 is the world’s fastest electric car


Chinese electric car maker NextEV has debuted its NIO brand, along with the first car from that electric car line, called the EP9. The first vehicle it revealed is already a world-record holder: it has the fastest lap time for an EV at the Nürbhurgring Nordschliefe test track in Germany, one of the most famous proving grounds for supercars.

The sleek two-seater has four onboard motors and four individual gearboxes, capable of delivering 1 megawatt of power to the wheels. For speed freaks, that means 0 to 100KPH (62MPH) in 2.7 seconds. It will also do 0 to 200KPH (124MPH) in 7.1 seconds and 300KPH (186MPH) in 15.9 seconds. The complete car weighs 1735KG, with 635KG devoted to batteries alone. Those power packs are interchangeable too, with a fresh set lasting 427 kilometers (265 miles).


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