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Kawasaki Ninja H2 vs Bugatti Veyron 16.4


Veyron is one of the names that almost strikes fear in the hearts of road racers, even though this Bugatti was recently phased out. Still, with its insane quad-turbo, 16W engine and 1001 HP, it looks like it is still not the right machine to slay a ninja. A Kawasaki Ninja H2, that is…

Now, we’ve had the H2 pitted against all sorts of supercars, and it put most of them to shame, while at the same time having to swallow some bitter defeats on certain occasions. One just can’t win everything.

Even though the Ninja H2 can’t brag with the highly sought-after “undefeated” badge, this 200 hp supercharged bike can effortlessly transform into a nightmare for an immense number of souped-up cars. And if the guy behind the bars knows his way around the H2, victory becomes almost certain.

We saw poor riders making a bad name for both themselves and the Ninja H2, but it was not the case in this showdown. The chap aboard the Kawasaki knew too well what he had to do, and left nothing to chance. The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 may be vile, but still, it’s not the H2 killer.

We first thought that a Ninja H2R could also take part in a race against the Veyron, but seeing how the street-legal H2 murdered the Bugatti left us with a silly smile. Such a competition would be unfair, for lack of a better word.

This race is particularly interesting because of the 50 mph (80 km/h) rolling start. As the car is already moving, the inertia is diminished significantly, reducing the advantage the bike has because of its much smaller weight and superior power-to-weight ratio.

Finally, this particular Veyron is quite popular, and we were baffled to see it leaving the tarmac and heading for a brief intentional off-roading session. We don’t know what sort of bet the driver lost and had to take the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 into the desert, but it sort of pains us to see this car struggling in the dust.


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