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Huge Turbo Mustang vs. 1,500 HP Twin-Turbo Lamborghini in Texan Street Racing


Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean Lone Star State drivers who have overly capable machines on their hands will stick to the safe form of battling it out. These guys will always double their official passes with some street racing and we’re here to bring you the latest example of this.

The footage below shows us a series of battles involving a pair of turbo contraptions that couldn’t be more different.

In the Black Corner, we have the underdog. Nicknamed Black Jesus (check out the footage and you’ll understand), this Mustang treats its V8 with an 88mm turbo, while in the transmission department we find a Powerglide unit.

As for the Yello Corner, this accommodates the kind of Lamborghini we’re used to seeing among the winners of events such as the one mentioned above.

We’re dealing with a Gallardo whose V10 has been pushed all the way to 2,000 ponies. However, for this race, the boosted Raging Bull was downed to 1,500 hp.

As night falls, the two duke it out on the streets. However, after a few passes, it becomes obvious that while the Ford is no toy, it can’t keep up with the Lambo.

As a result, the driver of the Gallardo reduced the boost once again. And this is the point where the two engaged in a true battle, one that saw the ‘Stang spinning its rear wheels at frightening speeds – once again, a reminder of the fact that this battle should’ve taken place on the track.

P.S.: The Mustang driver chose to build his car with a junk yard radiator, and this ends up costing him, so maybe there’s a second lesson to be learned here.


SOURCE: Autoevolution


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