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Here’s Why The 2006 Ford GT Is Worth $400,000


I drive a lot of different cars. Big cars. Little cars. Performance cars. New cars. Old cars. These days, it’s tremendously difficult for a car to truly impress me. Well, the 2006 Ford GT truly impressed me.
Before I get into my feelings on the Ford GT, allow me to tell you about how I got the chance to drive one. Here’s what happened: In my last two videos, I asked you to send me an email if you had a cool car I could review. So I got emails from all over the country with all sorts of cool cars to review, and someone emailed and told me I could review their Honda Accord Coupe.
But the best note came from a reader named Zak, located near Toronto, Ontario, who told me I could take his 2006 Ford GT for a spin. This is not an offer you turn down. Although the GT sold new for $150,000 10 years ago, nice ones are now worth $400,000. Many GT owners are too scared to drive their cars, let alone turn them over to an idiot automotive writer who once compared the price of a Nissan Murano Crosscabriolet to a manatee. And so, for the second time in a month, I drove from Philadelphia to Toronto and back in order to review a car. Eight hours up on Saturday. Eight hours back on Sunday. . .

Source: AutoTrader


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