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The Differences Between Muscle And Pony Cars


Today, when it comes to categorizing some of your favorite cars out there on the roadways, you might have heard the terms “muscle car” and “pony car” thrown around a lot and aimed at cars like the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang. It may leave you wondering where the dividing line between the two really lies.

Years ago, in the defining age for American power in the streets, there was a definitive line drawn in the sand where smaller cars with the option for big displacement like the Mustang would be defined as pony cars whereas incredibly large cars like the Dodge Charger, for example, would straddle the side of muscle car and this divide was quite clear.

Today, however, as these kinds of cars have evolved and have kind of been mashed into other varieties of cars and spit out somewhere on the other side where the line between muscle and pony cars really has been blurred. Enthusiasts and purists might even argue back and forth over which car falls into which category, bringing in all kinds of different modern features into the debate.

Check out the video below as the guys over at Car Throttle attempt to shed some sort of light on this whole ordeal for us and draw some sort of roadmap to figure out which cars belong in which category. Check out the opinions down in the video below and tell us what your definition of these different kinds of cars really is.

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