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Custom Porsche Cayman Stuns With Its OTT Widebody Kit


Quite often, we stumble upon crazy renderings of sports cars with dramatically flared wheel arches and outlandish bodykits. For the most part, these bold visual transformations remain a fantasy, but there are some owners brave enough to make them a reality.

This Porsche Cayman, for example, has been installed with a custom bodykit that is so over-the-top and yet so badass that we’re left wondering how it could possibly be topped.

Details about this particular Cayman are limited, but the changes are hard to miss, as they include incredibly wide wheel arches, a large bootlid lip spoiler, bright green roll cage, a new exhaust system and, perhaps most incredible of all, wheels and tires so wide they’d look at home on a top fuel dragster.

Evidently, major work has been done to the suspension system with the car sitting so low that it is literally scraping on leaves, and there are also unique side skirts, an entirely revised front fascia and a set of Recaro race seats.

SOURCE: CarsCoops


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