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Alpha 7 GTR vs Supercharged Mustang 5.0


We talk about an Alpha 7 GTR Vs a Supercharged Mustang 5.0.

We don’t know all the mods,but we know,the GT-R 35 have a four-wheel drive,so have a different acceleration,respect a rear drive,like a Mustang,anda an alpha pack 7.

This,is a pack for maximise the Turbo power,and of course,increase the Hp,(550 stock to 700,and over 700TQ).At 2500rpm putting out an additional 120HP and 270TQ over stock(so not too much anti-lag).

In the other side,we have a Mustang Coyote on steroids by a Paxton and built motor,so e don’t know how many Hp put down,but the video can reveal something.

SOURCE: MustangPassion


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