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2017 Ford GT First Ride in Las Vegas


The first production-spec 2017 Ford GT goes off the factory line within the next four weeks, and as the Blue Oval makes the final tweaks to its reborn supercar, Ford invited us out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to snag shotgun and go for a ride.

The Ford GT’s active aero works hand in hand with the GT’s five drive modes (Normal, Wet, Sport, Track, and V-Max), which are accessed via a control knob on the upper left side of the Ford’s F1-inspired steering . There are visual clues you’re in Normal mode, which include a unique instrument cluster display, the GT’s suspension sitting at 4.7 inches of ground clearance, and the rear spoiler deploying at 90 mph and coming back down at 81 mph. Normal mode has an additional Comfort suspension setting, which is activated by a button on the center console, plus a nose-lift function, which is operated in the same manner. Wet mode is based on Normal mode, and it works as you think it would—by softening throttle and transmission mapping for inclement weather.



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