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2017 Bentley Mulliner


Mulliner Creations

Mulliner has always helped create individual and imaginative cars, from the original R-Type Continental to today’s Mulsanne Grand Limousine. Starting in a time where everything was bespoke, the company has become synonymous with personal commissions and collaborations – creating the finest versions of the finest cars in the world.

When it comes to bespoke craftsmanship, Mulliner’s vision is legendary. Like all artisans, however, the team takes inspiration from everywhere – including the imagination and desires of the discerning people that commission unique Bentleys. The company is dedicated to turning inspiration into reality, anything from daring designs to small details that surprise and delight.

The cars below are a celebration of what drives the people at Mulliner.


A Breathtaking vista

You will find the view from the front seats of the Bentayga quite simply inspirational. And we are not referring to a far-flung, exotic location viewed through the windscreen. We speak, instead, of the extraordinary craftsmanship employed by Mulliner to produce the Mountain Marquetry veneer inlaid into the car’s fascia.

It shows a beautiful representation of the Roque Bentayga, in Gran Canaria, which originally inspired the name of the world’s first genuine luxury SUV. Mulliner have captured its essence – even parked in your driveway it will transport you to a distant horizon.

It is almost impossible to appreciate the levels of complex artistry and hours of manual skill that go into this time-honoured process. The materials are of an exquisite nature – in all, 32 layers of different wood, from six species of tree, are meticulously combined in a variety of illuminating hues.

Mulliner has produced an automotive work of art that you will want to drive off with. And, if you own a Bentayga, you can.


Orange Flame

From a spark of inspiration

The craftspeople at Mulliner find inspiration everywhere – the challenge is translating that inspiration into engineering perfection. This car is a prime example of why enduring that challenge is worth it. Inspired by the vitality and power of a living flame, it was a chance to explore innovative fabrics and colours.

To truly emulate the organic colour palette and mesmerizing movement of a flame, a new material was required. That material was Sparkle Carbon. It is woven from three different fabrics – carbon fibre, copper foil and metal wire – before being cut to size and applied. It is then lacquered and polished until the foil aspect of the weave emerges to showcase its natural reflectivity.

The company created this car for the 2016 Geneva Motorshow – a glowing example of their flare and passion. Its striking Orange Flame over Ghost White colourway is complemented with an Orange Flame bodykit, Orange illuminated treadplates and a unique tri-tone interior.

This look is further elevated with Mulliner embroidery to all four headrests, a steering wheel with an orange “12 o’clock” stripe and sporting black gloss painted wheels. Of course, the really unique part of this car is the Orange Sparkle Carbon fascia panel, console and instrument panel.

Consider it living proof of Mulliner’s commitment to innovation.


Monster by Mulliner

The Monster by Mulliner Continental GT V8 S will inspire anyone looking for bold styling twinned with characteristic high quality audio performance that is unique to Monster.

In the interior, the eye is drawn to the details – the GT Design Seats by Mulliner; the highlighted rim of the hand-sewn steering wheel; the Piano Black fascia panel, featuring a unique 3D laser-etched Monster logo and the Monster motto and model name engraved in the treadplate. There’s even a special compartment for Monster’s state-of-the-art 24K gold wireless headphones—always on hand for mobile use when you are away from the car.

The exterior is no less striking. The stunning Onyx paintwork is highlighted with intricate accent flourishes of Hotspur on the unique body kit and radiator shell bezel. Red brake calipers, gloss black polished wheels and stylised black bonnet vents complete the Monster look. The Monster by Mulliner Continental GT V8S truly leads where others follow.


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