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2016 Honda Civic Coupe


Just two months after the debut of its latest Civic sedan, which is lighter, sleeker, and generally sweeter, Honda has introduced the sexier 2016 Civic coupe. Looking pretty much identical to the concept introduced earlier this year save for its tamer lower-body addenda, the two-door Civic ditches some of the sedan’s practicality and rear-seat space for a healthy dollop of style, while appearing to leave the model’s other virtues intact.

First, kudos to Honda for still making a coupe in the first place. And a double shot of kudos for making it look this good. Up front, little is changed compared with the sedan, but from the A-pillar back, it’s a whole different animal. The roof peaks just above the front seats, and the rear side glass tapers inward to give the rear fenders a beefier section. Some 5.5 inches have been lopped off the rear overhang compared with the sedan, and what’s left has been more finely sculpted and is highlighted by an arcing graphic of taillamps. The result is a car that looks muscular and planted, and fresh and futuristic, in person. Its look is more effortless and far sportier than the more design-intensive sedan.


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